Mr. Sushi

日本人オーナー、日本人シェフの店です。 安心して御来店下さい。

Dinner 夕食

Appetizers 一品もの

1. Chicken Kara-age 鶏唐揚げ 4.95
  Boneless chicken marinated in Japanese sauce and deep fried.  
2. Gyoza - Pan Fried or Deep Fried ギョーザ 4.95
  Beef dumpling a la Japanese, pan fried or deep fried.  
3. Shrimp Tempura 天ぷら 6.50
  Shrimp and vegetables deep fried with Japanese batter.  
4. Vegetable Tempura 野菜天ぷら 5.50
  Vegetables deep fried with Japanese batter.  
5. Sashimi A 15.75
  Tuna, Salmon.  
6. Soft Ika Tempura 裂きイカ天ぷら 5.50
7. Kaki Fried 牡蠣フライ 6.50
  Fresh oysters deep fried with Japanese bread crumbs.  
8. Calamari Kushi-Age カラマリ串揚げ 4.50
  Squid and vegetables on a bamboo skewer and deep fried.  
9. Soft Shell Crab ソフトシェルクラブ Market Price
  Deep Fried soft shell crab served with special sauce.  
10. Yakitori 焼き鳥 4.95
  Broiled boneless chicken and vegetables on a bamboo skewer and with homemade sauce.  
11. Beef Tataki 牛たたき 8.95
  Seared NY strip with special sauce  
12. Agedashi Tofu揚げ出し豆腐 4.50
  Fried bean curd with Japanese condiments and special sauce.  
13. Edamame 枝豆 4.25
  Boiled soy beans.  
14. Hotate (Scallop) Butter Yaki ほたてバター焼き 12.00
15. Asparagus & Mushroom Butter Yaki アスパラバター焼き  4.50


16. Suimono お吸い物 2.75
  Japanese chicken broth.  
17. Miso Soup 味噌汁
  Japanese traditional soup with Tofu and Wakame (seaweed)  
18. Namekojiru なめこ汁 3.75
  Miso soup with Nameko mushroom and tofu.  
19. Chawan-Mushi (Custard Consistency) 茶碗蒸し 6.95
  Egg, Japanese broth, chicken, shrimp and vegetables prepared together in a chawan (Japanese soup cup) and steamed (takes 20 minutes to prepare).  


20. Tossed Salad 2.75
  Served with homemade dressing.  
21. Tofu Salad 豆腐サラダ 4.25
  Tossed salad topped with tofu, served with homemade salad dressing.  
22. Kaiso Salad 海草サラダ 4.75
  Seaweed and vegetable with special sauce.  
23. Albacore Tuna Cocktail 白まぐろカクテル 5.95
24. Ika Sansai イカ山菜 5.95


25. Bowl of Rice ご飯 2.50
26. Sushi Rice 酢し飯 3.00
27. Bowl of Brown Rice    玄米ご飯 3.75
28. Chicken Fried Rice 4.50
29. Beef Fried Rice 6.50
30. Shrimp Fried Rice 6.50
31. Combination Fried Rice 8.95

Entree (Served with seasoned vegetable, soup, salad and rice) 定食

31. Chicken Teriyaki チキン照り焼き定食 14.95
  Charbroiled chicken with our original teriyaki sauce.  
32. Tonkatsu とんかつ定食 15.95
  Pork cutlet a la Japanese.  
33. Chicken Katsu チキンカツ定食 14.95
  Chicken cutlet a la Japanese  
34. Kaki-Fried 牡蠣フライ定食 14.95
  Fresh oysters deep-fried with Japanese bread crumbs  
35. Negima Beef ねぎ巻ビーフ 17.95
  Sliced beef wrapped around fresh green onion and broiled.  
36. Yakiniku (Beef) 焼肉定食 17.95
  Sliced beef and vegetables cooked with sauce.  
37. Yakiniku (Ginger Pork) しょうが焼き定食 15.95
  Pork and vegetables cooked with ginger sauce.  
38. Vegetable Tempura 野菜天ぷら定食 12.95
  Fresh garden vegetables deep-fried with Japanese batter  
  Beef Teriyaki  
  Char broiled beef with our original teriyaki sauce.  
39. Ladies Cut (6 oz.) 17.95
40. New York Cut (9 oz.) 20.95
41. Una Ju 鰻重 18.95
  Bowl of rice topped with broiled eel and special sauce and Japanese pickles  
42. Shrimp Tempura エビ天ぷら定食 18.95
  Fresh shrimp and vegetables deep fried with Japanese batter.  
43. Seafood Tempura シーフード天ぷら定食 19.95
  Shrimp, sole, calamari and scallop deep fried with Japanese batter.  
44. Salmon Teriyaki or Butter Yaki サーモン照り焼き又はバター焼き 18.95
  Fresh filet of salmon teriyaki or sauteed a la Mr Sushi.  
45. Lobster Tail Butter Yaki (6oz.) ロブスターバター焼き 25.95

Combination Dinner (Served with seasoned vegetable, soup, salad and rice)

46. Beef Teriyaki & Shrimp Tempura 21.95
47. Chicken Teriyaki & Shrimp Tempura 19.95
48. Beef Teriyaki & Chicken Teriyaki 19.95
49. Lobster Tail & Beef Teriyaki 35.00
50. Lobster Tail & Shrimp Tempura 34.00
  Lobster tail butteryaki, with fresh mushrooms and shrimp tempura  
51. Lobster Tail & Chicken Teriyaki 33.00
52. Golden Box 21.95
  Char broiled beef teriyaki, shrimp and seafood tempura, sushi (Tuna, shrimp and salmon) and fresh fruits  
53. Silver Box 20.95
  Char broiled chicken teriyaki, shrimp and seafood tempura, California roll and fresh fruits.  
54. Triple Delights Combination 20.95
  Please choose any three items from the following:
1. Shrimp Tempura
2. Chicken Teriyaki
3. Salmon Teriyaki
4. Mr. Sushi Roll
5. California Roll
6. Spicy Tuna Roll

Sushi and Sashimi (Served with salad and miso soup) 寿し刺身

55. Sushi A 36.95
  Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, scallop, sea urchin, white meat fish, crab meat, squid, eel, cooked egg, sweet shrimp, salmon egg, tuna roll, and cucumber roll.  
56. Sushi B 26.50
  Tuna, white meat, yellowtail, squid, shrimp, salmon, smelt egg, salmon egg, cooked egg, and tuna roll.  
57. Sushi C 23.50
  Tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, white meat, crab meat, eel, and california roll.  
58. Chirashi Ju ちらし重 21.95
  Bowl of sushi rice topped with tuna, octopus, shrimp, salmon, surf clam, white meat fish, squid, cooked vegetables, and cooked egg.  
59. Tekka Ju 鉄火重 20.00
  Bowl of sushi rice topped with sliced fresh tuna.  
60. Salmon Ju サーモン重 16.50
  Bowl of sushi rice topped with sliced fresh salmon.  
61. Sashimi Dinner 刺身定食 34.95
  Tuna, yellowtail, white meat fish, octopus, white tuna, and salmon.  
62. Sushi & Sashimi 37.95
  Sushi: tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, white meat fish, crab meat, eel and tuna roll. Sashimi: tuna and salmon.  

63. Healthy Box 14.95
  (Served with salad, and miso soup) Grilled salmon, steamed vegetables, vegetable sunomono, seaweed, brown rice and fruits  

Sushi Roll Specialties

  Cajun Roll  
  Fried Caw Fish tail and green onion and spicy sauce.  
  Calamari Roll  
  Fried calamari, cucumber with yellow mustard and spicy sauce.  
  Caterpillar Roll  
  Eel inside, avocado outside with eel sauce.  
  Devil Roll  
  Salmon, cucumber with yellow mustard (extremely hot).  
  Hole in One  
  Crab meat, tuna, avocado and cucumber with smelt egg.  
  Jalapeno Roll  
  Crab meat, jalapeno and avocado.  
  Mr. Sushi Roll  
  Shrimp tempura, eel, avocado and cucumber with eel sauce.  
  Mrs. Sushi Roll  
  Vegetable tempura, avocado and cucumber with eel sauce.  
  Philadelphia Roll  
  Smoked salmon, cream cheese, & cucumber.  
  Rainbow Roll  
  Tuna, yellow tail, salmon, shrimp, crab meat, white meat fish, avocado with cucumber.  
  Fire Roll  
  Crab meat, eel, avocado and cucumber.  
  Spider Roll  
  Fried soft shell crab and cucumber with spicy sauce.  
  Grilled Salmon Volcano Roll  
  Grilled Salmon Roll with cooked baby scallop and spicy sauce on top.  
  California Volcano Roll  
  California Roll with cooked baby scallop and spicy sauce on top.  
  Aspen Volcano  
  Two shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura with spicy sauce cooked in oven and served on bed of sushi rice.  
  Addison Tower  
  Spicy tuna, crab meat, avocado & asparagus.  
  Green Mussel Dynamite  
  Green mussel and mushroom with spicy sauce cooked in oven and served on the shell.  
  Scallop Dynamite  
  Baby scallop and mushroom with mayonnaise cooked in oven and served on bed of sushi rice.  
  Tiger Eye  
  Smoked salmon and avocado wrapped with squid and cooked in oven.  

Nabemono Specialty Dish 鍋物
Japanese traditional one dish meal with ingredients simmered together in a pot (or pan)
(Served with salad and rice) For 2 people

64. Sukiyaki すきやき 39.00
  Thin slices of beef; mushroom, tofu, yam noodles, Japanese cabbage and vegetables cooked with our original sukiyaki sauce in a pan at your table.  
65. Shabu-Shabu しゃぶしゃぶ 39.00
  Thin slices of beef; tofu, mushroom, yam noodles, Japanese cabbage and vegetables cooked in a special broth in a pot at your table. Served with homemade dipping sauce.  

Sushi Kaiseki 鮨懐石

66. Sushi-Kaiseki 50.00
  Zensai 前菜  
  Hors d'oeuvre of chef's selections.  
  Sushi 寿し  
  Salmon, shrimp, tuna, yellow tail, white meat fish, and California roll.  
  Sashimi 刺身  
  Sliced fresh fish (tuna and salmon).  
  Tempura 天ぷら  
  Lightly battered fried shrimp and seasonal vegetables.  
  Yakimono 焼き物  
  Charbroiled beef or chicken.  
  Sunomono 酢の物  
  Shrimp, octopus, cucumber with ponzu sauce.  
  Soup スープ  
  Choice of miso soup, suimono, or fish soup.  
  Dessert デザート  
  Seasonal fruits.  

Child's Plate お子様セット
(Children under 10)
(Served with vegetables, rice, fruit and ice cream)

67. Chicken Kara-Age から揚げ 7.50
68. Chicken Teriyaki チキン照り焼き 7.50
69. Beef Teriyaki ビーフ照り焼き 9.95
70. Shrimp Tempura 天ぷら 9.50
71. Shrimp Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki 天ぷらとチキン照り焼き 10.95
72. Sushi on Boat 9.95
  Two shrimp sushi and one California roll.  


73. Homemade Rum Cake 自家製ラムケーキ 3.50
74. Ice Cream (green tea, ogura, plum, vanilla, mango) 
アイスクリーム (抹茶、小倉、梅、バニラ、マンゴ)
75. Mixed Fruits フルーツ 4.50
76. Fresh Orange みかん 2.00